Namibian Genocide of the Second Reich

We were not educated at school – we were moulded. We were not taught of the deep roots of Nazi racial theory. Hitler was an abstraction to us who arose in conditions of economic turmoil; not a man moulded by the mind of an ex-general who nurtured the ideas of racial supremacy and practised them on the Herero and Namaqua tribes. The names of Eugen Fischer and Fredrich Ratzel – whitewashed. We were not taught that the first genocide of the 20th Century happened in Namibia. We are not aware that the genocide was a dispossession – the consequences of which are still felt today with German corporations still owning the land. The German quest for Lebensraum did not dissolve with the death of Hitler and the Nuremberg trials. Reparations have not been paid. No monument stands. The crimes of the Second Reich have been forgotten by history, not by the families of the survivors. I can think of no more pronounced example that shows the difference between white and black death. Deleting the past helps no-one if its legacy perpetuates…Big up Musab Younis for educating me…we’ve got a lot of work to do.


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