In homage to Biko

I wanted to call this blog ‘Frank Talk’, but that was taken. Biko, a revolutionary committed to fighting oppression, used the pseudonym ‘Frank Talk’ when writing his most provocative pieces. This blog exists for the same reason. Confronted by a world of disinformation and confusion, a penetrating discourse is needed. This blog is committed to speaking in as forthcoming a way as possible.

I flag up articles I consider worth reading. Publicise political causes and post my own work mainly around current events, militant political theory and praxis.


One comment

  1. Warren McWilliams

    Dear Mr Natter,

    I work for Russia Today and am writing to see if we might be able to set up an interview with you as part of a story we are working on. We are putting together a story looking at Libya and would like to talk to you regarding the conflict and in particular we would be interested in hearing you opinion on the future of the conflict.

    Would you be able to contact me regarding the interview so that we might arrange a time?

    Many thanks,

    Warren McWilliams
    Producer – Russia Today

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